Here we are folks! Though it is not the top of 2016, I have a lot of new things happening. For starts, the line-up of the live band is completely new from 2015; we have added Paul Ballard and Marshall Costan to the mix, and I'll say, WHAT A MIX!! These dudes have been nailing it for years within their own projects, and now they are nailing it for Bates! I cannot overstate how excited I am to have them on board!

On top of the new line-up, I am super pleased to announce the release of a new set of songs. This set of recordings has taken place over the past 10 YEARS!! What was once mainly an exercise of recording has now taken shape to a solid set of songs, songs I am so stoked to reveal to the world! You can expect this to be released within the next few months. STAY TUNED!!!

With all of this being said, the most pertinent news is the set of upcoming shows (the first of which is TOMORROW!). 

The first one is 4/9/15 at Broadberry. Doors are at 8pm, and we rock at 9pm! The second show is 4/24/16 at Strange Matter. Doors are at 7pm and music starts at 8pm! 

We hope to see you all there!!!! And as always, stay happy, stay positive, and stay alive! I'll see you soon!!!