Feathers and Pearls

FAP cover.jpg
FAP cover.jpg

Feathers and Pearls


This is a collection of songs written in 2013 surrounding the events of a love affair gone awry. It was recorded in February of 2014 at Montrose Studios in Richmond, VA.

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released on the 27th of January, 2015 

All songs written by Patrick Bates 
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Adrian Olsen 
Co-produced by Bruce Olsen and Patrick Bates 
Mastered by Phil Klum at PKM 

Patrick Bates - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, and some keys 
Adrian Olsen - Drums, Piano, Organ, Rhodes, Percussion, and Vocals
Marshall Costan - Bass, Guitar, and Attitude 
Alexandra Spalding - Cello and Vocals 
Marcus Tenney - Trumpet and Alto Saxophone 
Reginald Pace - Trombone 

Artwork & Design by Make Things Awesome 
Photography by Thea Duskin 
Lettering by Subodh Samudre 

A very special thanks to: 
Adrian Olsen, Marshall Costan, Bruce Olsen, Alexandra Spalding, Tyler Williams, Thea Duskin, Chris Dowhan, My friends and family, Petter Erikson and Alberta Cross, Phantogram, The city of Berlin, and Ardjani Puig for being my muse. Here is to the good times we shared.   
Du wirst immer in meinem Herzen sein.